Security IT

Proxy servers based on Squid software are today one of the most popular and effective solutions. The software acts as a transaction broker. It collects inquiries from clients, in this case from web browsers, and forwards them to the appropriate servers on the network. The ordered data goes first to the proxy server, which then transmits it to clients in the local network. The proxy server creates a copy of the page in the local buffer on its hard disk. The benefits of this become apparent when many customers request the same websites. The server sends them from its local buffer, so much faster than when it needs to download them from the Internet. It also directly relieves Internet connections.

Security and performance as well as extensive configuration options are always mentioned among the main advantages of Security IT, especially when it comes to configuration related to user access, which increases the level of network security in the organization.

If you want to reduce the cost of owning an IT infrastructure and increase its security and performance, I encourage you to contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with the details of a solution prepared exactly according to your expectations.

PROXY servers

The proxy server service allows you to increase network security and significantly increase the efficiency of HTTP / FTP traffic. Running such a solution in your environment will allow:

  • offloading local HTTP and DNS servers
  • reduce access time to websites
  • reducing connection load
  • the ability to control and introduce restrictions on access to Internet resources

It is also possible to integrate the proxy server with a parental filter blocking access to pornographic, racist, etc. websites and with the antivirus system.

Unix software firewalls

Based on Unix operating systems, we can implement a firewall solution for you using Packet Filter or IPTables. Packet Filter is a system of filtering TCP / IP traffic and address translation (NAT) in systems of the BSD family. It also allows you to normalize and shape network traffic, and control interface loading. IPTables performs similar roles on Linux systems. The mechanisms of both firewalls are implemented at the operating system kernel level, which guarantees very high performance and stability of solutions. The undoubted advantage of using this type of firewalls is the fact that they can be configured on almost any available equipment.
In addition, operating system usage need not be limited to firewall support. Many companies decide on this type of solutions due to much lower costs than in the case of hardware solutions while maintaining the same level of security and configuration options.

VPN networks

A virtual private network is a type of encrypted tunnel between networks. Depending on the configuration, it allows connecting mobile users to the company network, or securely connecting remote company locations into one network. Thanks to data compression, the solution we propose is characterized by high efficiency even at weak link parameters. Users can be authenticated independently of other mechanisms operating in the network (e.g. using their own password database or certificates), it is also possible to integrate the solution with a Windows domain and many others. The security level achieved in this way is very high.