Support IT

A lot of service requests?
All customers expect immediate help?
You are slowly getting lost in it and the Boss is unhappy?

The Service Desk is a web-based complete help queue system, a specific support portal, and a FAQ knowledge base.
Its proper use has a positive effect on the efficiency of IT and Help Desk employees, which directly translates into real savings and increased user satisfaction.
Service Desk allows users to report problems by email. Automates and numbers tasks related to handling requests. Forward matters to the appropriate person, send notifications to the user and / or service technician. As a result, the company's support department can achieve better performance, maintain proper communication, improve problem resolution time, effectively share knowledge, increasing overall customer satisfaction.
The tool combines a high level of automation, ensuring that notifications get to the right people immediately, technicians will be notified when SLA conditions are exceeded, escalation will be launched.
The Service Desk additionally provides a number of reports presenting the website's work efficiency, such as the number of completed or past due reports, working time reports, etc. SLA reports help managers quickly identify the weak points of their team's work and take corrective actions.

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Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server provides many tools to centralize services in your organization to a unified environment. Flexible work and high performance of the system functionality ensure a high level of system performance, facilitate the work of users by integrating IT infrastructure resources and security at the highest level of security using the latest technologies into one environment.

We offer implementation, migration and ongoing administration of services based on Windows Server, in particular:

  • Active Directory
  • File server
  • Print server
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Windows Software Update Services
  • Terminal services
  • Internet Information Services web server
  • Public key infrastructure
  • MS SQL Server database servers

Network Partners recommends Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

Networks/servers - administration

The preferred notification system is Service Desk . It allows constant insight into the status of the notification so that the customer receives information about the status of repairs.

We also launched a helpline at 801 112 113.

We monitor key network elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) using the NAGIOS and CACTI systems. In the event of a failure, an email and SMS alert is sent to our administrators, enabling immediate response.

Our high standards and qualified specialists allow us to provide services guaranteed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement), thanks to which every customer can precisely and precisely adapt our services to their requirements.

Because now IT infrastructure is a very important point of business, and problems with its proper functioning can cause huge damage, we decided to introduce the service "emergency telephone" thanks to which our specialist will be available to you 24 hours daily.

The domain of our Administrators is the management of servers based on Windows and Unix systems with any of their functionality, they easily find themselves in virtualized environments, and the configuration and support of complete server systems and network elements are commonplace.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange Server is a group work system that provides e-mail services, calendars sharing and sharing, and e-mail sharing in business. Exchange server tools provide multi-accessibility of the e-mail service, the ability to work in Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices and access to e-mail via the web interface. We equip Exchange server installations with tools that enable high-level mail protection against viral attacks and spam filtering along with ongoing mail traffic control.

Hosting mode of the Exchange system enables servicing of many independent domains working in one instance of the Exchange server.

We offer Exchange system implementations, migration to new versions and current administration.

Network Partners recommends Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

Microsoft Hyper-V Server

In the era of virtualization of IT resources and providing our clients with private cloud services, we offer implementation and ongoing administration of Microsoft Hyper-V Server. The goal of implementing virtualization systems in an organization is primarily to reduce the cost of purchasing server equipment, flexible use of hardware resources for virtualized services. The latest version of Hyper-V allows you to dynamically manage your physical RAM and hard disk resources. Virtual machines allow you to easily create data backups for servers and servers, resulting in a quick and easy way of disaster recovery.

Private cloud is a service located in an external collocation of a data center that provides services for business without the need to build a server room and maintain equipment that supports the systems in your company.

We also offer system virtualization using VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer tools enabling perfect integration of Windows, Linux and Unix in one virtual data center.


We offer you the best on the market and necessary solutions hardware from the IT industry. We deliver, directly to you, the equipment of all leading ICT companies. We provide full service and care for equipment purchased from us. Each offer will be tailored exactly to your needs and possibilities.

Our offer includes:

  • hardware solutions necessary to build and maintain computer network;
  • sale of computers personal, servers, laptops and PDAs (laptops) as well as GPS positioning systems (individual and fleet solutions);
  • hardware solutions ensuring IT resource security companies;
  • equipment for expanding and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure.

A tailored financial settlement system gives you the option of large savings.

Wireless networks

We offer you comprehensive implementation of one of the best wireless solutions on the market Meru Networks, Motorola for medium and large installations.

Meru Networks is the fourth largest revenue producer of wireless networking products in the world. Such dynamic development results from the use of Meru solutions in innovative technologies, such as Air Traffic Control (ATC), as well as Virtual Cell. According to a Gartner report from 2007, Meru Networks offers the most visionary WLAN solutions in the world.

Benefits of using Meru:

  • Quick and easy installation without pre-planning RF channels
  • Large capacity and high bandwidth for data, voice and video transmission
  • Scalability even in the largest business solutions, also attractive for small schools or offices
  • Low operating costs due to the possibility of using up to 30% less access points, simple installation, and no need to plan the placement of radio channels
  • High quality voice calls, not disturbed even when moving and transmitting large amounts of data simultaneously
  • Simple and efficient application of the 802.11n standard
  • Easiest migration to 802.11n standard, with investment protection
  • Full compatibility with WiFI standards does not require the use of special cards and drivers in client devices