Projects UE

We are currently implementing two projects as part of EU funding.

Intelligent development

Project title: Research and development work on automating the inventory and destruction process of Heracleum Sosnowsky's Borscht Sosnowski and Herantum Mantegazzi's Borscht using unmanned systems.


Project value: 7,076 557.41

Value of funding: 5,430,454.86

Implementation period: 2017-09-01 - 2020-08-31

The goal of the project is to develop algorithms to automate the inventory process as well as the destruction of dangerous plant species, which are Sosnowski Borsch and Mantegazzi Borsch (Caucasian borscht) using unmanned systems.

The aforementioned plant species belong to invasive alien species, thus threatening native nature. They contain highly toxic substances, which are also a threat to human and animal health and life. For these reasons, these plants are included in the control. These activities, however, require optimization both in terms of the effectiveness of control methods and ensuring maximum protection for those performing the procedures. The automation of the inventory process and the control of Caucasian borscht is therefore necessary to minimize the danger to which the contractors are exposed and to reduce the time of their execution, and thus increase the effectiveness of the fight against invasion on a national scale.

Due to the need to combat Caucasian borscht, it is necessary to develop a technology that will not only reduce the need for contractors to contact dangerous plants, but also accelerate the process of their inventory and effective control. To this end, it is planned to use unmanned systems and image recording systems that will automate the process.

The project provides for industrial research and development work on the development of algorithms: for the recognition of Caucasian borscht, for their destruction, as well as combining both into an automated system to simultaneously provide a comprehensive service using unmanned systems. The service will be accurate and efficient inventory and effective control of invasive and dangerous plant species. The result of the project in the form of an innovative service will be a novelty on a global scale, this solution is not known and used in locating and fighting Caucasian borsch.

Mobile salesman

Project title: "Purchase of an advisory service to expand the open ERP management system with the Mobile Merchant and Service Engineer application module and automation in cooperation with GPS"

The goal of the project is the purchase of a pro-development consultancy service leading to the development of the concept and prototype of the tool, which is the mobile salesman and service technician application. As part of the purchased service, the possibility of extending the Odoo system with a developed module will also be explored, thanks to which it will be possible to create an extensive tool open to further modifications and adapted to the needs of mobile employees. As part of the project, an analysis of business processes occurring during the daily work of the mobile sales representatives and servicemen of the Applicant will be performed, as well as functional analysis and data structure enabling recognition of information flow in these processes.

Project value: 169 127.09 PLN

Contribution of European Funds: 107 236.25 PLN


Mobilny Serwisant (MS) is a proprietary solution by Network Partners Tomasz Machnicki sp.j designed for companies providing various types of maintenance services. In particular, the application is used to manage tasks / orders / contracts and to archive information about tasks performed by employees.

The application has three main areas:

  • Activity registration (work, vacation, dismissal).
  • Registration of task / order time.
  • Registration of route time.

The application allows the transfer of tasks / orders by employees (service technicians). Each order is assigned to a specific employee. An employee is informed about a new task through an application on a mobile device (based on iOS or Android). The application supports the servicing of service contracts with customers and enables the handling of paid tasks outside the scope of the contract.

An employee can handle a task carried out remotely or at the client's premises. In the case of tasks carried out outside the company's headquarters, the system will record travel time, kilometers and route to the customer.

The tool also allows you to report what work and how much was done by a specific employee.

The application allows you to check which employee is currently available, where are the service technicians performing the work and at what stage are the works being carried out. On this basis, new tasks are assigned to the right people.

An important advantage of the Mobilny Serwisant Application is the elimination of paper documents. All information about the implemented tasks is in the system so that access to them is immediate. The possibilities offered by the Mobile Service Engineer mean that the flow of information is faster, and all information about the progress of order processing is easily available.

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