The offer of Network Partners is focused on providing you with a comprehensive IT service. Thanks to us you will find that using IT infrastructure can be cheaper and less troublesome . Depending on the needs, we implement projects based on free and commercial software of all leading suppliers.

Most of our functional IT solutions are based on the Unix operating system and Open Source software . In this way, we provide you with maximum security and functionality with minimum license fees . Thanks to this, we help our clients reduce unnecessary expenses and introduce large savings .

The main areas of activity of Network Partners are:

  • Cost optimization of the entire IT environment of the organization.
  • Computer networks - design, installation, administration.
  • Security - secure computer networks, backups, security audits, anti-virus protection, UPS uninterruptible power systems.
  • Network servers (installation, configuration, service and administrative care) - Unix (no license fees), Windows, OS X.
  • Internet - design, construction and maintenance of company websites, selection of the best link provider, cost optimization, service and administrative care.
  • GPS positioning systems - car and individual sets, fleet solutions.
  • Computer equipment - laptops, PCs, multiprocessor servers, pocket computers (palmtops), printers, computer accessories, service.
  • ICT infrastructure - taking care of computer workstations, installation, configuration and service of telephone exchanges, optimization of telephone connection costs.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks) - configuration, administrative care.
  • Printing - professional prints, computer graphics, text composition, graphic character design, business cards, advertising folders, covers and book layout.
  • HelpDesk - professional help and training for computer users remotely and at your company's headquarters.

Professionalism and reliability of the solutions we offer make us a company highly valued by our existing customers. We hope that you will soon join their satisfied group.

For more information, please send your request for quotation to .